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Italy by motorbike – the 10 most beautiful roads

It is no secret that Italy reserves impressive routes for lovers of two wheels. But, what are the 10 most beautiful roads to travel on a motorcycle? We’ve listened to our customers and these are their 10 favorite itineraries!

1. Strada del Barolo

A route through the Langhe, winding between hills and perched castles, the smell of the land and Langa wine. Starting from the “capital” of the Langhe, Alba, take the SP429 and then turn right onto the SP32 towards Diano d’Alba, along the Strada del Barolo. There is certainly no shortage of attractions along the way. One of the most famous are the giant benches, freely accessible to visitors, where you can experience and enjoy the feeling of being infinitely small in front of nature.

2. Overview of Zegna

Considered one of the most beautiful routes in Piedmont, the Panoramica di Zegna is a real must-see for motorcyclists who want to enjoy a view of the Biella Alps, crossing the Oasis of Zegna. The Oasis has 26 nature trails, giving your motorcycle trip the opportunity to be enriched with a total immersion in nature. Among the most evocative elements of the route is, without a doubt, the blossoming of the rhododendron basin, a veritable spring explosion of colours. And why not take a chairlift ride to the Monte Marca Refuge in Bielmonte?

3. Western Gardesana

For all intents and purposes, one of the favorite destinations for motorcyclists, the Western Gardesana enchants with its 70 km through towns, hills and stretches over water. Located along the Lombard side of Garda Lake, Gardesana has a generally very mild climate due to the size of the lake basin, and is not difficult to navigate. It is suitable for all types of motorcycles, but above all for sports/supersport motorcycles, which find their ideal terrain in continuous curves.

4. Strada dello Stelvio Pass

In German Stilfser Joch, the Stelvio Pass is undoubtedly one of the most exciting passes for motorcycle travel. With its 2.758 m altitude, it is the highest gate in Italy and the second in Europe, for an impressive 24 km journey that will give you 2 hours of unforgettable views. It is possible to cross the Pass by the classic road, on the South Tyrolean side, or opt for the “Swiss variant”. The presence of 48 hairpin bends makes it a challenging route, but it endows its conquest with a peak that is a crossroads for various hiking trails. Generally, during the winter the pass is closed because the frosts and the frequent snowfalls do not facilitate the transit.

5. The great route of the Dolomites

Crossing the two regions of Trentino and Veneto, the Great Route of the Dolomites can be traveled at any time of the year. In all periods of the year, in fact, it offers a typical and unique landscape. On the way we recommend that you stop at Carezza Lake, also called “Latemar Rainbow” which has gone down in history as one of the favorite places of Princess Sissi (Austrian Empress Elisabeth). In the direction of the Falzarego Pass, you can reach, by cable car, one of the most beautiful viewpoints of the entire route: the Lagazuoi Refuge.

6. The Sellaronda Itinerary (the 4 Dolomite ports)

The Sellaronda itinerary is also known as the “Route of the 4 Ports“, because it connects 4 alpine ports within a radius of 50 km:

  • Puerto Sella
  • Puerto Pordoi
  • Puerto Campolongo
  • Puerto Gardena

Puerto Dolomites, known as the Giro della Sella , the route is very famous for its strategic position. Located between the regions of Trentino and Veneto, it will allow you to cross the three provinces of Trento, Bolzano and Belluno.

7. Street of the Forra

Defined by Winston Churchill as “the eighth wonder of the world”, the Street of the Forra is nestled between the cracks in the mountain, excavated by the Brasa stream. The meandering walk makes traveling a challenge, but at the same time it provides a total immersion in nature, a delicate combination of light and dark, the delicate cool humidity of the gorges and a breathtaking view of Garda Lake. After 40 km and conquered the top, you can stop at a peculiar restaurant whose terrace is 300-400 m above sea level.

8. Muraglione Pass

We travel on two wheels through the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines through the Muraglione Pass, a route with a half-time journey of 5 hours. Also known as the “Friendship Pass” due to the assiduous assistance of motorcyclists, the route is 230 km long and connects the Pisa area and the Romagnola Riviera, with this enchanting pass of the Apennines at the head.

9. Amalfi Coast

With its 40 km from Positano to Vietri or vice versa, the SS 163 offers you a sensational journey along the southern Tyrrhenian coast, the Amalfi Coast. Starting from Positano, you reach Praiano, with its viewpoints, to then reach Furore and Conca dei Marini, famous for its Emerald Grotto. The route will then take you to Amalfi, the ancient Maritime Republic, to drive you to the final destination: Vietri, the city of ceramics, from which you can easily reach Albori, considered one of the most beautiful villages in Italy.

10. South Coast

Panoramic Street The queen of Sulcis road, at the southern end of the Sardinian island, marks the terrain of a route on two wheels between crystal clear waters, virgin moors, towers and ancient ruins. Granite rocks, Mediterranean scrub, a population of peculiar fauna (including flamingos) and white sand: these are just some of the wonders that Paronamic Street Costa del Sud has in store for you. If you are interested in history and nature, this is your path, you will love the Aragonese towers and the coves of the Chia coast (it has 5 blue flags!).

Get ready to go and discover the 10 most beautiful Italian roads to travel on by motorbike.